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>> our reading comes fromgospel according to luke 23:33-37. when they came to the place called the skull, there they crucified him and the criminals one on the right and other on the left. but jesus was saying father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing. they cast lots dividing up his garments among themselves. the people stood by. even the rulers were sneering at him saying he saved others, let
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him save himself if this is the christ of god, soldiers mocked him, offering him sour wine and saying if you are the king of the jews, say to yourself. that is a reading from god's holy word. let's pray together. heavenly father, we are so grateful for the wonderful gift of your son, jesus that he was willing to suffer and die for our sins. father, help us to love you because of the fall, in jesus' name.
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♪ >> what was jesus trying to communicate when he was upon the cross? i can't imagine the punishment, here are three that think matter: first of all, jesus was saying i love you.
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anyone doubts the love of god, all he needs to do is look hard at the cross. 1 john 4:8-10, anyone that does not love does not know god because god is love. god sent his only son into the world so we might live through him. in this is love not that we loved god but he loved us and sent his son for our sins. we have all seen small measures of love. people were good to us and blessed us. i wonder if any love we have seen can measure up to what jesus did for us. we know the meaning of love by looking at the cross. no one could be more eloquent, more determined, more willing to sacrifice, more moving with their love than jesus. when jesus says i love you, no
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one can doubt. once in a while i hear someone who says, phil, i don't feel very loved by god. these folks feel forgotten or neglected. when i hearsay that, i recall isaiah 49:14-16 zion said, the lord has forsaken me. my lord has forgotten me. the lord answers, can a woman forget herursing child she should not have any compassion? i will not forget you. behold, i have engraved you on the palms of my hands. god has never forgotten you if you are one of his. you are engraved on his hands. you are not a stranger. you are his beloved child.
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god cares about you the way any good father would care for his child. you are always on his mind. god loves more than men are capable of loving. you remember the lord jesus matthew 7:9-11 for which one of you if his son asks for bred will give him a stone or a fish will give him a serpent? if you who are evil know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your father in heaven give good things to those that ask. god is better than the best of fathers. he really cares for each one of us. the love of god implies something important. it implies we, every one of us are lovable. some people regard themselves as unlovable. jesus sees things we don'tften
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see in ourselves. people didn't want to be around tax collector sooi zachious. the father that is god said this is my son. it is a slam on god to say we are worthless in his eyes. he loves us. we maybe sinful, god loves us any way. sin makes a person feel small in his own eyes. god sees not only what we are but also what we can become. he gives up hope, titus, we were once foolish, disobedient, let us pray. passing our days in malice and
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envy, hating ourselves and others. when the goodness and loving kindness of our savior appeared, not because of works done by us, by th washing of regeneration of the washing of the holy spirit. he didn't save us because we earned heaven for ourselves, he saved us when we were filthy for sin and washed us clean by t blood of jesus and does it in baptism. he knew what we could become. he took us at diamonds in the ruff and made us shy. second, jesus is saying through the cross i want to forgive you. i'll pay the supreme price to do so. god is in the saving business.
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jesus went to the cross to save us from the sinful world. galatians 1:4, jesus gave himself for our sins to deliver us from the present evil age according to the will of our father. god couldn't look down at this sinful world and do nothing. he wanted to change the direction of the world. he wanted to find a way for men to live righteous in good life by means of the cross, god made a way to save us from sin and save our lives. it is personal to jesus. it is not a passing fad. it is what he was willing to live and die for. 1 peter 2 and 1 peter 24, he himself bore our sin in his body on the tree.
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we might live to righteousness. jesus wouldn't have been willing to sacrifice his body if our salvation wasn't important. hebrews 22, without shedding of blood there is no forgiveness. no one takes it from me, i lay it down on my own accord. i have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again. this charge i have received from my father. jesus took the initiative to die for your sins so you could be forgiven and live a new and different life. the forgiveness of god implies something. it implies that you are
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forgivable. god wants to forgive you. do you want to be forgiven? no matter how ugly, how terrible or how mean you may think to yourself or say to yourself you are such a sinner god could never forgive you. sinners are the only kind of people that god saves. god still loves you. jesus told a meaningful parable luke 18:9-14. they were righteous but treated others with content. two men went up into the temple to pray. pharisee standing by himself, i thank you i am not like other men, even like this tax collector, i fast twice a week, i give tithes to all i get.
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the tax collector would not lift eyes to heaven, g be merciful to me a sinner. i tell you this man went down to his house. no matter how far you have wondered away, god will let you come home if you humble your heart. when jonah preached to ninevah, they repented. god relented. god does have a criteria for the christians, repentance. psalm 51, sacrifices of god are a broken spirit, you will not despise. psalm 34:18, the lord is near to the broken hearted and saved.
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god won't despise you if you come to him humbly. third thing that jesus says with the cross is i have a cross for you 2 corinthians 5:14-15 one has died therefore all has died. those that live will no longer live for themselves. jesus died to be freed for sin. mark 8:34-38. when jesus summoned this crowd and disciples with there he said anyone wishes to come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me, whoever
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wishes to save his life will lose it. whoever loses his life for my sa will save it. what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and profit his soul. whoever is ashamed of me and my word, son of man will be ashamed of him when he comes in the glory of his father and holy spirit. jesus wants us to follow him. we must die to ourselves and live for him. old psalm says must jesus bear the cross alone? there is a cross for everyone. there is a cross for me. by the inspiration of the holy spirit, galatians 6:14 may it never be i would boast except in the cross of our lord, jesus
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christ. the lord has been crucified to me. cross meant for the suffering of jesus. for every christian it is also a symbol of love and salvation. we carry our cross to say we have stopped living the way the world lives, galatians 5:24, those who belong to christ jesus crucified flesh with passions and desires. heart of the christian longs to lo the lord and serves him and him alone. now, carrying our cross implies christ has a work for us to do. god expects more of us than simply to attend church. some folks think they are of little value to the lord. every member of the church has a value in god's eyes.
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god has equip every person with at least one talent and expects each of us to use our talents for his glory. 2 corinthians 6:1, we are we are workers together. we are god's partners in this world. we are god's fellow workers. my friend, how are you using your life for the lord? how are you serving? if you'll take up your cross, god will use you to make a difference in this world no matter who you are. why have we spoken today about the cross? it has a true and powerful message for each other. jesus invites us to come to him matthew 11:28-30. come to me all who are weary and
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heavy laden. take my yolk upon you, i am gentleou will find rest. god wants your love and your health to rescue a lost and dying world, will you help him? when christ is in your heart and life, you become the salt of the life and light of the world. let's pray together. father, help eachf us to live such lives that we recognize your love, that we recognize and grateful for your forgiveness that we take up our cross and follow you in jesus name. amen. ♪ ♪
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>> imagine jesus hanging upon the cross suffering for our sins. he sacrificed his body and blood to demonstrate to you this unquestionable love and his desire for you to be saved. while jesus was on the cross, he was hoping and praying people would understand and respond. what more could jesus have done to convince us of his love and offering of forgiveness? his great love and sacrifice ought to touch our hearts. how would jesus feel if the people he loved and wanted to be ved ignored and forgotten? can you imagine anything more cruel than the way people ignore the cross of christ. can you think of anything more ungrateful, the way people have said to hush about sin?
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how would you feel about people who took the cross to heart? changed their life and took up their own crosses to follow him? my friend, what does jesus think about you? is he happy or hurt about the way you have responded to him? take a long close look at the cross. let it touch your heart. if you wish to become a christian, believe in the lord jesus with all your heart, confess the name of christ before othersnd be baptized in the name of jesus christ or the forgiveness of your sin. that is what jesus told the jews acts 2:38. it was what they needed to do repent and be baptized and what you need to do as well. today is the best day to make a
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difference in the rest of your life. don't put off obeying the gospel. take up the cross today. we hope this study has stirred your heart. if you live in the united states, mail requests to insearch of the lord's way, post office box 371 edmund, oklahoma 73083. or e-mail 800-321-8633. if you live outside the united states, download our material at don't worry, we won't ask you for money or put you on a list. we ask you to get involved with a church of christ. they love you. as we always say god bless you
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and we love you from all of us at in search of the lord's way. ♪ ♪
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>> hello, in search of the lord's way is presented by several churches. >> these churchs are filled with god's people and believe the bible is god's holy word for us. >> that is the reason you'll never hear us asking for your money on this program. we hope you'll are you a soccer mom or dad? regardless of their age or experience level, when your kids play soccer or any other sport there's one person on the sideline who is key to help recoize and seek medical care for sports-related concussion. it's you. you need to know the signs and symptoms of concussion
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and you need to act if you think your child has been injured. remember, when in doubt sit them out. to learn more go to one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three, one thousand four... from the heartland of america to every nation on earth, this is jack van impe presents the truth in news and commentary. re now a doctors jack and rexella van impe. hello and welcome to jack van impe presents. you know friends there is so much going on in our society it's rather difficult to keep up sometimes. but we try to keep ahead for your sake and i know we've all been thinking about this:
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the surveillance society. whoa and then going on, the european fury over u.s. spying mounts. they're absolutely furious about it. and then going on, i'm sorry i didn't get to this headline last week, but i promised you that i would this week, can israel rely on obama a very good question. but before we get into this week's program, jack said he had a good humorous joke for us that will lift our heart a little bit because so much is serious out there. now jack, what is it this time? oh rexella, a canadian brother sent me this and i roared when i read it. and it was about an elderly man in his 70's who couldn't hear anymore. so he went to an ear specialist and he worked on him for a few hours and put on him the most expensive set of hearing
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aids that money could buy. and he said, boy i can already hear better. he said, well you come back in a month and tell me how the family like it. he came back a month later and he said, how did they like it? he sd, know that i had new hearing aids and that i could hear. i played dumb for four weeks so i could hear what they were saying about me. and he said i've changed my will three different times. [laughter] well rexella, i've always had good ears and i've changed mine too. hallelujah! [laughter] oh jack that is a good one. believe me. thank you. you know he likes to get those jokes once in awhile in the mail so keep them cong in. you know last week i showed you jack's new book, the cover of jack's new book and that now it is in print. i said it would be out in about a week or so. i have a surprise for you in a moment. alright, there you see it. the final three popes signal christ's return!
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then going on, astonishing new book by dr. jack van impe and it has to do ..know? this extraordinary new book will show you how do we know that the coming of the lord is very, very near. now i do have something very, very good to show you right now and it has to do with the book. jack, it is now in print. do you want to show it there? itd ten minutes ago and there are already almost 2000 orders and we haven't even said anything about it. i think it's going to be one of the biggest things in the history of this ministry and it's entitled: the final three popes signal christ's return as rexella said a minute ago. and folks, i'll be saying a lot about this. and next week the entire message is about pope francis and what the catholic leaders are saying. i get all their periodicals. i've taken l'osservatore romano for twenty-some years, the paper of the popes. i've taken theatican magazine and i know what is being taught.
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i have read the catholic catechism through tw 2865 points. i read the rheims-douay version of the catholic bible so i will not be prejudice. i love my catholic brothers. but i'm going take a stand because even the vatican magazine is taking a stand on some of the things that pope francis is doing. i am asking you folks across the world, for we are in every nation, call your pastors. tell them to announce this message for next week, a week from this sunday. you know jack, i think something going through everybody's mind right now is what's the book all about? i think it's very important. could you give us a review there? i'm going back 865 years and there was an archbishop in ireland called father morgair and he later went to rome and was canonized as saint and became known as saint malachy.
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well, while he was there he got this vision from god and he started mentioning how many popes there would be from celestine ii and there had already been 152t that point so he started over again recounting. and celestine ii was the first and 113 would be the pope that rules ateddon and christ's return. what? we'll be seeing that all next week. that's how near e coming of the lord is because the bible teaches that when armageddon starts, and that of course is found in revelation 16:16 and it's described in revelation 9:14-18, the most horrendous war in history, christ comes to put a stop to the battle of armageddon, revelation 11:18, and he sets up his glorious kingdom for a thousand years, revelation 20:4. then he's recommissioned in i corintan4-28nd a his kingdom remains here on earth
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forever and forever, and that's revelation 11:15, the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our god and his christ, and he shall reign forever and forever. we won't need popes when christ is here. maybe that's why we're talking about the final three popes before christ's return.but thatr the return of christ is. and i'm going to take the entire half hour next week to talk about pope francis and some of the things he's doing. i get the vatican magazine. some are very disturbed because he's not preaching what the church has preached for 2000 years. he's changing things. please tell others. the whole world must here this next week. again, i'm looking forward to doing that particular program. hey, did you catch that title? the final three popes, the final three popes. now jack, saying that is a big, big, big word because that leads right into the tribulation hour, armageddon and christ's return. can you sort of
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give us a preview? what can we expect during that tribulation hour? well rexella, we can know acrding to revelation chapters 6 to 18 that 21 judgments are going to fall on this world. and of course that's in the douay-rheims version also but they call it the apocalypse. and you've heard about the four horsemen of the apocalypse. the first one brings peace to the earth. the second one destroys that peace and creates world war iii called armageddon. the third one creates financial disaster globally. and the fourth one causes great disease upon the face of the earth taking one fourth of the population. we'll be telling you more about it next week. this is exciting stuff. jack, just before the lord comes back, and oh we've been trying to impress on you this thought, we will experience a political leader arising and a religious leader who will emerge. and they are going to control all the world.
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and you know what? we're seeing how now this is really possible. with this startling surveillance that we've been experiencing this is how they can control the world. the surveillance society i never thought i'd ever see anything like that. european fury over u.s. spying mounts; u.s. shouldn't spy on its friends. now who is saying that? take a look at this, merkel of germany; reports of u.s. spying has shattered our trust. she's talking about the european union. may act over u.s. spy reports. ex-mossad head: obama spies on us, too whoa! so it's going farther than the european union. uh oh, take a look at this. guess who he's sort of imitating here. the cartoonist-what difference does it make?
7:34 am
hillary clinton. yes. well you know i have a big question here. who's going to be controlling all of the things that we're talking about? who's going to be behind all of the surveillance keeping track of everybody and spying on everybody? who's going to be controlling this jack? now first of all it's going to be the most horrendous time in history. ii timothy 3:1, this know also that in the last day perilous, dangerous tis shall come. jesus said in luke 21:25, nations shall be in distress with perplexity and mass confusion. have you ever seen a mess like this? they're not only getting information on all americans, millions of us, but they're also getting it on 35 nations in the european and the muslim nations. this is the first time in history when big brother, as orwell called it is controlling every area, every part of the world. this is the final sign before jesus returns.
7:35 am
now, what i'm about to say is overwhelming and in the catholic bible it's the apocalypse and of course it's the book of revelation in the protestant bibles but they both say the same thing. revelation 13:1, the antichrist arises and he has power over all kindreds, tongues, people and nations, verse 7. he's such a great controller of things that he becomes worshipped, verse 8. all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, an antichrist. and i john 2:18 says antichrist will come. but we're living to see the beginnings of it right now. but with him there is a false prophet. does the bible predict such a thing? yes. jesus said in matthew 24:5, 11 and 24 there shall be false christs and false prophets. he warns us about them in matthew 7:15. he says, false prophets shall
7:36 am
come and shall bring in damnable heresies even denying the lord jesus that bought them. and what's going to happen to these false prophets? matthew 7:21-23, many will say unto me in that day lord, lord, have we not prophesied in your name, and in your name hath cast out devils, and in your name have done many wonderful works? then will i, jesus, say unto thee you depart from me you workers of iniquity, false prophets, false christs, i never knew you. it doesn't say that about his own. my sheep hear my voice. i know them and they follow me, john 10:27. alright now, what does this false prophet do? he arises in verse 11 and he has the two horns of a lamb but he speaks as a dragon. what does that mean? christ is the lamb of god, john 1:29 so he is a christian or a professing christian. he knows the language, but he speaks as a dragon, revelation 20:2, a satanic influence.
7:37 am
oht's all winding up. it's coming to pass ladies and gentlemen. we're in the final hours. jesus is about to return. but he does something more. he makes an image of the antichrist for people to worship. boy, that's a false religion he'd really gone far. and then he makes a system that controls all people. you think what's going on now with these phones is something, listen to this. verses 16-18, this is the false prophet who is honoring the world dictator who's controlling the world. it's already beginning almost everywhere in our nation and world now. he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand or forehead that no man, no man could buy or sell save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
7:38 am
here is wisdom, let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast, of the antichrist, for it's the number of a man and his number is six hundred threescore and six, the infamous name and number that they use in rock groups-666. now would it be possible to control all seven billion of us? listen, we now have an invention in america called titan which does 20 thousand trillion calculations per second. and oh we were raving about that but now we've got sequoia, 54 thousand trillion calculations per second. there are seven billion of us. that, and i figured it all out, could pick up 700 to 800 pieces of information on all seven billion of us simultaneously per second.
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what a day to be alive! bible prophecy is being fulfilled and our jesus is coming very, very soon. you know jack, while you were talking i just couldn't help but think we have to be very careful who we are they really giving god's word or are they doing some of the things that jack said and people are impressed by at so they follow them? be very careful who you follow as your religious leader, asne tt yolisten to to help you know the lord. and now friends, oh we have a wonderful new offer for you this week and we're going to be talking more about it in a moment, the jack van impe prophecy bible and i will tell you what goes with it in a mome. take a look please. presenting the third edition of the jack van impe prophecy bible, this beautiful, burgundy, leather-bound edition has been created exclusively for the friends of
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jack van impe ministries. dr. van impe has highlighted all 10,385 prophetic verses and coded each passage in the margins so you will know at a glance the event to which the prophecy refers. the jack van impe prophecy bible, king james version, features t words of christ in red and includes the program dr. van impe used to categorize and memorize over 15,000 verses of scripture. also contained in the pages of this outstanding third edition are three books by dr. van impe, your future: an a-z index to prophecy, revelation revealed, verse by verse, and daniel: final end-time mysteries unsealed, also verse by verse. this special bible would make a great gift for any occasion. now friends, for any occasion somebody may be having a birthday, an anniversary or they're having a wedding. what a great gift. hey, you know christmas is just around the corner believe it or not and i have something special. with your order i'm also going
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to be enclosing soul food, a daily devotional that i love written by jack. this goes with your order when you call. and jack, something else, whoa, the three popes are here. 2,000 orders already and we've not said anything about it. so ladies and gentlemen, for $19.95, as a donation to the ministry, you can get this and it's shocking. we have the prophecies of saint francis of assisi, of bishop sheen, pope john paul ii, benedict the xvi and malachi martin. man, what they say is so shocking i won't even say a lot of it on television. get it! whoa, ok jack. now there's the 800 number. there's the address. you're order for the bible and my gift to you. and you know what, wh you call you can order jack's brand new book also. now let me just say, oh my, we're going on here with the wall street journal. departing federal bureau of
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investigation director robert mueller is also leaving as you well know, he's resigning, and he had this to say that there are threats growing out of the arab spring and african countries, and there you see him. he's talking all about that. mueller sees terror threats growing. terror arrests in britain prevented kenya-like attacks oh my, oh my. and take a look at this. uk islamic tv station fined for encouraging murder. now this was a call-in program and the presenter encouraged murder. unbelievable! here you see the head of britain's intelligence agency, chief warns british public of terror threat. oh my. and then here, the wall street journal, regrouped al qaeda poses global threat. well you know what?
7:43 am
our president said that they were on the run and that we had conquered al qaeda. oh, oh, oh. but you know they pose a global threat. once again, new al qaida threat targets who americans? al qaeda chief calls for attacks on u.s. in 9/11 speech to followers. lin fears bloodshed at olympics. now you know jack's been very, very burdened about this and oh how they would hate to see this happen in russia. russian investigators: female suicide bomber blew up a bus already there. and then russia's female suicide bombers: well-organized and hard to stop. you know jack i know that we are going to be facing more and more terrorism in the days ahead. what do you think will be the outcome of all these threats and the terrorism they say is going to happen?
7:44 am
rexella, i heard the words of putin say i'm afraid of these terrorists and what they will do during our olympics and i have a heavy heart. i believe, and i hope i'm wron there's going to be a terrible terroristic event happening at sochi. you say why? you know what just happened in bo, h his brother got the bombs going and people lost their legs and lives. wait a minute! where did he go and get his training? sixteen miles from whe they olympics are going to be held -pakistan and they're going to try. now the worst thing is they have female suicide bombers. believe me, if you g there you better not fool around with prostitution because some of them may pose as prostitutes and you'd be dead in no time. i have a feeling something is going to happen. i say again, god i pray that i'm wrong. but even when putin is concerned and worrying, god help us.
7:45 am
now here is the most misunderstood verse in the bible from matthew 24:37 -42. in 41 he says, two shall be in a bed. one shall be taken, one shall be left. oh, that's the rapture. no it is not! i'm going to show you it's about judgment and 50 perct of the population of the world will die during the tribulation hour. not 50 percent will be raptured. there aren't that many christians in the world. well why say that then? because no one can find the rapture in the four gospels unless it's john 5:28 why? this is the message given to the apostle paul and he said i show you a mystery, i corinthians taking away in the twinkling of an eye to glory, i corinthians 15:52. mystery is not a detective story. it's something that has never been taught before in the history of the scriptures, and the rapture was paul's message.
7:46 am
he taught it. now going to the other thing matthew 24:37, as the days of noah were, so shall also the coming of the son of man be. what's he talking about? judgment coming noah's day was judgment. study genesis 6:1-11. boy rexella, this is something. it was a place loaded with sin. the sons of god saw the daughters of men and they took them wives of all which they chose. i got new light on that this week.'s not a matter of divorcing and remarrying. that's not even what he's talking about. he's talking about harems. they got scores of women and they were sex maniacs. that's all they could do. every imagination of the thoughts of their minds was only evil continually. and god says, my heart is broken i'm going to send judgment. i'm so sorry i created these people that live for sex and sin. but he said noah
7:47 am
found grace in god's eyes. he and his wife and three sons and wives-eight people; and oh, please don't miss this. the bible says in genesis 7:16 after they got into the ark god shut them in. god shut the door. now tie that in with matthew 24:37. as the days of noah were, so shall also the coming of the son of man be. for as in the days that were before the flood, they were eating, drinking, marrying, giving in marriage, and knew not until the flood came and took them all away. he says two shall be in a field, one taken, one left. two shall be working at the mill, grinding away, one taken, one left. judgment! and you can find, if you'll study, revelation 6:7-8 and revelation 9:18, the statistics of those two is the death of one out of every two people during the tribulation hour. i wish i could work it out for you right now. oh yes jack, but you know i
7:48 am
promised to give this to you this week. i couldn't get to it last week. and take a look at this. a huge question-can israel rely on obama? going on, honeymoon over? benjamin netanyahu's and barack obama's speeches at the united nations general assembly pointed to trouble down the line over the peace talks and iran's nuclear program. going on, iran may be one month from the nuclear bomb. god help us! alright, iran holds talks with russia to boost military cooperation. russia's plans to help iran worry israel. iran's khamenei urges unity to fight israel. and egyptian tv host: our enemy is israel for all eternity. oh jack, will you wind this all up for us? can they rely on obama? absolutely not! even the wall street journal had a great headline for the most anti-semitic, anti-jew president in history is obama.
7:49 am
god forgive him. pray for the peace of jerusalem. they shall prosper who love you, psalm 122:6. but lets go on this is from the apocalypse, catholic bible, and protestant bible. they're both the same. there's a war called armageddon, revelation 16:16 and gog, magog, meshech, tubal, and rosh, all cities in russia or rosh presently, and that's verses 1 and 2 of ezekiel 38, and it's the war of the latter years and latter days, verses 8 and 16, they flop ezekiel 39:1, 2, 12 and 13. then china comes down with the leftover armies of russia and joins them for the greatest war in history, revelation 16:12. and please read revelation 9:14-18, because one third of the world dies in that war, verse 18, of that chapter. there's an arab federation working with them and that's egypt and they said we're going to hate them eternally, niel 11:40. syria, isaiah 17:1.
7:50 am
ezekiel 38:5-7, persia, that's iran. they changed their name in 1932 and all the different nations of the arab world are also added to that when you get to pslam 83:5-7 for what reason? let us cast israel off from being a nation that their name be no more in remembrance. but you're not going to put israel out because i've got a god who loves the jew, deuteronomy 7:7-8 and he says i'll give israel an everlasting name, isaiah 56:5. amen! amen jack. do you see how close the coming of the lord is friends? jack has explained it so very well. all these headlines point to the coming of the lord and my question to you, are you ready? if jesus were to come at any moment would you be ready? he'll forgive you of your sins. he'll forgive you of anything. he's the savior of the world. he died for you. will you open your heart to him as jack prays that wonderful
7:51 am
prayer? jack. pray after me these words-lord jesus, god, second member of the trinity and savior. thank you jesus for the cross. thank you for being willing to bear all that agony as you were hanging there that day on calvary's cross. thank you because the shed blood is to cleanse me. i trust in you jesus. please right now come into my heart. be my savior. that's the reason you died and i accept it. save me now in your holy name amen. amen. oh did you pray that prayer? please write to me. there is the address. i'll send you this little book to you absolutely free. first steps in a new direction. i want to hear from you that you became a child of god opening your heart to jesus.
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important for you to have soul food every single day-jack's wonderful book. friends so often we think about carrying our cup every day of blessing, but we also can carry a very full cup of problems and troubles. so if you are carrying a full cup, remember god has a steady hand. we'll look forward to being in your home again next week and until then remember god cares for you. so do we so very, very much. bye, bye.
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7:55 am
>> today on the "animal science ." one of the fiercest animals to walk the earth. otherwise known as a saber tooth tiger. and do you know the name of this strange looking feline? it is one of 600 million domesticated cats in the world. and a lion's roar is not only frightening, it is incredibly loud. 20 times -- 25 times louder than a lawn mower. today, we are all about cats,
7:56 am
wild, domestic, prehistoric, and modern. welcome to the fascinating world of "animal science." they are, at once, ferocious and playful. solidary and social. endangered and abundant. this bundle of contradictions is known to us as the cat. 25 million years ago, the first felids emerged. in time, to recap some families stalked the earth. one consisting of the tiger, the lion, and leopard, called pan 3. a second, called the cukor, eetah, and lynx, caleed
7:57 am
sunday. and there is a third family called hold onto your hats. it included one of the fiercest looking creatures ever to inhabit the earth, the saber tooth tiger, or smilodon. the smilodon was 5 feet long from tail to head. speech, the smilodon's hind legs, neck, and shoulder muscles were extremely powerful. when attacking, it would employ if it's not so secret weapon, those 10-inch saber-like teeth. the smilodon went extinct about 10,000 years ago. meanwhile, cats in the other two families arrived.
7:58 am
the lids erigena did -- felids originated insia. today, the only two continents felids do not and habitat is australia and antarctica. withiculture, the lives of wildcats in humans became intertwined. uninvited rats and mice would feast on harvested grain store. small wild cats, sensing an opportunity, fed on the roads, better preserving the harvested grains. this was around 4000 b.c. in egypt.
7:59 am
>> they started to grow young kittens with humans. from two to seven weeks, the cat learns what is normally my life. you are safe, i can live with humans. this was part of the domestication of the cap. -- of the cat. >> all felids get their nutrition from the flesh of other animals. they are carnivores, meeting in large percentage of protein in their diet. and they have been engineered to survive by outlasting, outwitting, and in some cases, out running their prey. they have proven to be among the most adaptab creatures occur
8:00 am
created -- ever created. in a moment, the animal olympics where we compare the centers of animals -- the senses of animals as they engage in a never ending ba where is flo? anybody know where flo is? are you flo? yes. is this the thing you gave my husband? well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range of options to choose from. careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head. that explains a lot. yo, buddy! i got this. gimme one, gimme one, gimme one! the power of the "name your price" tool. only from progressive. >> every animal has its own
8:01 am
8:02 am
unique senses and physical attributes. sigh sound, and smell all come into play. how do cats compare with other members of the animal kingdom? hearing, the rustle of a leaf, the slightest movement of the earth. the flapping of a wing. this ability to recognize the sounds of nature is essential for survival. elephants can hear frequencies 20 times lower than humans. it is believed their low rumble calls can eard by other
8:03 am
elephants many miles away. the owl has large ear holes which helps it pinpoints sound. man's best friend, the dog, is known to hear in frequencies that we humans cannot hear, hence the famous dog whistle. the truth is, cats here much higher frequencies than canines. with 30 different your muscles, the cat can also rotate each ear, and identify the faintest sound. >> we think, because they have the ability to move their external ears, singularly, to
8:04 am
find the source of the sound, we'd think they're really good at this, localizing the sound. >> another sense is smell. being able to smell a potential meal or smelled trouble is critical in the animal world. a bear's brain may be a third of the humans, but are devoted to smell is five times larger. the bloodhound is a champion sniffer, but the bear paws sense of smell is much better than our favorite canine detective. the rat is also quite an accomplished sniffer. it can smell things in stereo, with each nostril working independently. felines have an acute sense of smell which is helped by
8:05 am
something called the -- nasal organ. this allows them to taste the air, sensing what is around them. >> it is used to detect alarm signals, others nearby. >> despite their keen sense of smell, cats are out of the medal running. the bear wins hands down, with the bloodhound and rat also capturing metals. the next sense, sight. in the wild, it coul be the difference between escaping predators and becoming a meal. snakes use what is called normal vision. organs located between the eyes and nostrils allows them to sense body he to -- heat.
8:06 am
sharks can see a glow 10 times gesell, horse, and zebra have on the side of their head, so when grazing, their field of vision is very wide, but cats to get a gold medal in the olympic sight competition. cats have the best ability to see in dim light. they are able to reflect existing light in theiryeball, making them far more sensitive to light than we humans. that explains their fiery eyes in the dead of night. >> they cannot see exactly as we do, but what is important, we can see something moving.
8:07 am
>> a their senses of sight, hearing, and smell, make cats excellent hunters appeared when combined with their other physical attributes, such as speed, jumping ability, and strength, we have an engineering marvel it is no wonder cats have survived on planet earth for 25 million years. coming up, who has got a larger canines? a lion or a tiger? and how loud is a big cat's roar?
8:08 am
8:09 am
" signals, others nearby. >> despite their keen sense of smell, cats are out of the medal
8:10 am
>> cat expressions abound in our popular culture. fat cat, sourpuss, a cat burglar. so we will call>> cat this next segment the cat's pajamas, meaning it is outstanding, we hope. now, when we boo our hated performers, we are doing cat calls. there are a number a real cat calls, and each has their purpose. there is the friendly, playful sound of tiger cubs. or this male lion calling for his female. cat'sthen there are more threag
8:11 am
sounds. including one of the most intimidating sounds in all of nature, the beit capt. roared -- the big cat roar. >> it can be used to frighten, like when a lion makes a territorial claim. here i am, stay away. >> lions can or 25 times lower than a lawn mower. the lion possible " chords enable them to make a huge sound with very little long pressure. -- lung pressure. a baby can and it annoying sounds because the shape of its a vocal cords. so can lions and tigers roar u
8:12 am
a storm. ain't that the cat's meow. inside those announced is an impressive array of teeth. in the wild, there are no toothbrushes, only brushes with teeth. and that is something to avoid. so, who has a larger canines? lions are around 2.5 inches long. tigers canines are around 3 inches long. best to avoid both. humans and cats do like to room -- groom. felines do this to cool down and
8:13 am
clean away odors that may attract other animals. their tongues have backward spines called pap ally, which acts as a hair brush. so, unlike us, felines doot groom to look good. and they do not grow whiskers to look good eater. there sensitive whiskers' help them to feel their way around, acting almost like radar, hauling them to navigate tight spaces. so while humans and the land both use their vocal cords and both like to groom, our reason for doing these behaviors are different from theirs, which goes to show you, we are not copycats.
8:14 am
coming up, who is the most popular pet in the world? the dog or cat? find out next, right here on "animal science."
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> who is the most popular domestic pet the world? the dog, the cat, the course, the rabbit? it is the lovable and abundant house cat. thousands of years ago, the african wild cat came into communities to help get rid of rodents. today, there are 600 million domestic cats. >> they are pretty similar to their wild counterparts. >> people selected feline traits they like or not would be popular, and they brad those traits to form new breeds. -- bred those traits to form new
8:17 am
breed. so if people wanted a cat that looked wild, they chose a chat with wild hair and then bred it. they called it a bangle cat. if they wanted a large cat, they selected one, added a very long tail, and named it a main tune. if they wanted to take an interest in traits, like ears that crawled backwards, they selected a cat with that feature and bred it with other cats, hence the american curl. and if they came upon a cat with no hair and liked it, they bred it with others, creating the sphinx. >> agreed is created when humans decide -- a breed is created
8:18 am
when humans decide to give a long-term existence to this breed. >> each breed has their own as a coach rates. even after all these years of breeding, the domesticated cats still retain their wild roots. >> we altered the domestic dog so much that we are creating an animal dependent on humans. we do not do the same thing with cats. we did not select capped for doing specific things, like herding. >> yes, she does have been used throughout history to help people hunt -- to test --
8:19 am
cheetahs have been used drug history to help people hunt. and while we can do certain things, the cat is still an independent creature. >> the domestic cat is still very similar tthe ld cat. >> we humans like the caps just the way they are, which is not too terribly different from the way they were. when we return, take the animal science pop quiz and see how much you really know about ctas, right here on "animal science." america, welcome home the brave. the brave men and women who served their country are coming home. home to their cities and towns,
8:20 am
home to their mountains and valleys, home to their families and friends. home to america. some of these warriors are coming home with wounds you can see, and some with wounds you can't see, like post-traumatic stress disorder. wounded warrior project was created to provide the support these wounded veterans need to ensure their return to america is well adjusted and successful. but we need your help to ensure that our mission is a succs. help us honor and empower these wounded warriors. contact us at america, welcome home the brave. >> and now, it is time for the
8:21 am
8:22 am
"animal science" pop quxz. -- pop quiz. on your marks, get ready, go. how high can i can jump in a single bound? its b. five times its own hype. question no. 2. what is the normal body
8:23 am
temperature of a cat ? it's a. 100.5 to 102.5 degrees. a cat is sick its temperature goes below 100 or above 103. question no. three. a group of cats is called what? it's c, a cloud her. we hope you got an a-plus. if not, keep on learning from "animal science." see you next time.
8:24 am
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>> announcer: the following program is sponsored by food for the poor. >> when we don't find food to eat, i feel like fainting. >> today, i have nothing. i have no idea what i'm going to feed them. >> i feel like my head is turning. i don't feel good at all. >> many people here have seen their children die. i do not want this to happen to my children. >> we put ourselves on our knees and ask god that people's hearts will be touched and they will help us.
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>> hi. i'm cheryl ladd. in haiti, guatemala, and other neighboring countries, millions of children go hungry. and right now, thousands of helpless girls and boys are starving. for over 30 years, food for the poor has been reaching out to shine god's love on the poorest of the poor throughout the caribbean and latin america. but they need our help now to answer the prayers of children and families living on the edge of survival. >> announcer: there's deep sorrow in angela's eyes. this frail 10-year-old carries a terrible burden of suffering. she lives in crushing poverty in this one-room shack with her mom and four siblings, poverty made worse when her father committed suicide a year ago.
8:27 am
>> [ speaking spanish ] >> interpreter: the children get very sad because we have nothing to eat. they tell me, "we don't have house, mama. we don't have a bed, mama. other children have a mom and dad. they have a bed and clothes. they have everything, and we have nothing. why are we living this way?" i tell thei don't know. >> announcer: widowed, orphaned, this family has nothing no electricity or clean water. they sleep huddled together in the dirt with only each other to keep them warm on freezing nights. angela doesn't go to school. instead, she and her 12-year-old sister stephanie do whatever they can to help their mother, bonifacia. >> [ speaking spanish ] >> interpreter: we go to the dump two times a week. sometimes we find things in the
8:28 am
trash. sometimes we find something to eat there. [ voicbreaking ] we also find cans and bottles, and we bring them home to sell so i can buy something for my children. >> announcer: this is a dangerous place for a child. shards of glass and scraps of ragged metal lie everywhere. even worse, the girlhave no shoes. one cut could be lethal, but they forage on. a lot of hard work earns very little return, maybe a dlar if they're lucky. not nearly enough to feed them all. >> [ speaking spanish ] >> interpreter: now that my daddy's not here to give money to my mom, i feel so poor. we want a house. we want a blanket. we want a bed. but we don't have them. it hurts so much because i'm so
8:29 am
sad that my daddy's not here. it hurts in my heart that my daddy's not here. >> announcer: chronic hunger has left angela thin, malnourished, and constantly sick. she's too weak to fight off the colds and fevers that plague her. >> [ speaking spanish ] >> interpreter: mom gathers herbs when we have a fever. the other day, we could not even get up. mama gives us the herbs, but we never get better. >> [ speaking spanish ] >> interpreter: when the children here get sick, they often die. i've never taken my children to the doctor because i have no money. [ voice breaking ] i'm afraid that they will get sick one day and one of them will die. this is what scares me. >> announcer: what will the future hold for angela and her siblings?
8:30 am
how long can they go on without foodclothing, shoes, or medicines? >> [ speaking spanish ] >> interpreter: the fear i have is that when my children are older, what will they do? [ crying ] what will they be? i just don't want my children to grow up the way i did, the way i've suffered. >> [ sighs ] >> announcer: depravion this extreme can crush even the strongest spirit. but you can see in angela's heart there's still a spark of hope -- hope that someone will reach out and save her from the darkness that's closing in, someone like you. >> it breaks my heart to see innocent children suffer -- children who are full of dreams and precious in the eyes of god. their mothers are doing
8:31 am
everything they possibly can to ve them from starvation, but it's never enough. all they can do is pray for a miracle, someone to help them feed their children and end the suffering. and you can answer that mother's desperate prayer. food for the poor warehouses are stocked with donated food and medicines that can save lives, but we can't ship and deliver it without your help. please, call now. >> announcer: right now, you have the power to save the lives of children who may die from starvation and disease. call now and become an angel of the poor for just $19 a month. you'll provide life-saving food and medicines to rescue suffering children. food for the poor receives millions of dollars' worth of food, medicine, and other donated goods every month from major corporations and government agencies, but we need your help to ship and deliver this perishable, life-saving aid
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before it's too late. thanks to these donations, every dollar you give multiplies more than 10 times. that means your monthly gift of $19 will ship more than $190 worth of food and medicine each month to help bring relief to children who are suffering from starvation or disease. with so little, you can do so much to save lives. it's important that you call righnow we can get this food and medicine to children whose lives are at risk. >> i just feel like i have to help. you know, the little bit that i can help with, i want to do it. >> what if the shoe were on the other foot? wouldn't you like someone to help you >> we have the capability to help them. that's why we shou help them. >> for very, very little, you can make such a big difference. >> announcer: as an angel of the poor, every month, you'll receive stories of the children your donations are
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helping. you'll also receive food for the poor newsletters. we invite you to join us in praying for these children, and you can also send us your prayer requests, and we will pray for you. you can be confident that your dollars will be used wisely. food for the poor has been saving lives and transforming communities for over 30 years and meets the highest standards of america's leading charity evaluators. more than 95% of all donations go directly to programs that help the poor. >> i like to get the most bang for my buck. when i give money to a charity, i don't want all of it to go to overheard expenses. i want it to go to what they call "program expenses." >> food for the poor will go into the deepest, darkest corners where no one wants to pay attention to what's going on there. and they want to make a difference there and shed their light. >> announcer: call right now to help bring the miracle of food and medicine to children in need
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before it's too late. children are waiting for your help today. please, call now. >> food for the poor is one of america's largest international hunger and relief organizations. motivated by god's unconditional love, they're feeding hundreds of thousands every day. they serve the poorest of the poor in countries like haiti where one in 14 children dies before their fifth birthday and desperate mothers struggle to keep their children alive when all they have to sustain them are prayers. >> announcer: every morning, violette are her daughters walk along the rice paddies near her home in southern haiti. at harvest time, she works as a sharecropper for a little rice to feed her children. but there won't be a harvest for months, so there's no work and
8:35 am
no food. out of desperation, violette leads her girls along a muddy canal to go fishing. six-year-old esther and her little sister violanda are hoping they'll have something to eat today. but the catch is small -- about five tiny fish. this is also their water for drinking and bathing, water that carries deadly diseases like typhoid and cholera. cholera outbreaks in haiti have killed thousands. just a few drops can be deadly. violette and her daughters live in this mud-and-thatch house.
8:36 am
they sleep on the dirt floor. life is incredibly harsh. but violette's biggest worry is food. >> [ crying ] >> announcer: this week, the girls have already gone three days without eating anything. >> [ speaking native language ] >> interpreter: today, i have nothing. i don't know what i'm going to give them tonight. if it's rice, if it's sorghum, if it's corn, only god knows. i have nothing. i have no idea what i'm going to feed them. i feel like it's my wound inside because of the pain of knowing i can't give them anything. >> announcer: esther's hair is orange, a sign of severe malnutrition. she suffers from parasites and worms.
8:37 am
constant sickness has stunted her growth. at 6, she's about the size of a 3-year-old. she's never been to a doctor. [ rooster crows ] to forget the pain of hunger, esther escapes to her secret hideaway, a patch of shade under an old tarp at the side of her house. here, she becomes a little princess in a play world. >> [ speaking native language ] >> announcer: she prepares a tea party with her sister and they make believe that there's real food. esther mixes dirt and places it on a pretend fire. she imagines that it's rice and beans -- her favorite meal. violanda scrubs her only toy, a teddy bear she found in the garbage, who will be a guest at the party.
8:38 am
they set the table with old bottle caps and bits of plastic they found. they pretend they're eating a lovely meal and drinking clean water. >> [ speing native languag intpret: toy, ieel pain. he and here d he.el e pain wh we n't nd fd toat, can'play with frids. i feel so weak i don't play. i stay by myself. i just want to be alone. i feel like throwing my body on the floor. wh we have no food, i feel >> [ speaking native language ] >> interpreter: i'm always afraid and scared for them when they're sick. every day i pray to god, "my
8:39 am
lord, my healer, it's only you that can help us out of this situation." i'm afraid that they will die, but i always have faith that god will help me. i say, "lord, everything is in your hands. you will make a way for me." >> announcer: god makes a way through people like you. please, open your heart. reach out and save a child like esther before it's too late. >> can you imagine being so hungry, so exposed, and vulnerable, to have nothing and nowhere to turn? and every day, hope fades for these moms, and more children
8:40 am
suffer and die. you can be the answer to the prayers of these desperate mothers and their children. show them god's love in their hour of need. it takes so little to save a child's life. call now. >> when you are helping those who have absolutely nothing, the very first thing you have to do is provide for the survival of their children. their children are so often right at the brink of death, and the first thing we have to do is make sure that that child survives. once that is a certain, then we can start working on what to do for the parents to be able to support those children. and we have so many projects. we have agricultural projects. we have tilapia ponds. we have fishing villages. we have skills training so we have all these things that will help them to avoid for that
8:41 am
child to ever get so close to the brink of death again. we have to first assure their survival, and then give the parents the wherewithal to support themselves. >> please, open your heart. reach out to suffering children and parents by becoming an angel of the poor today. thanks to the donated food and medicine we receive, your monthly gift will multiply 10 times to help children who are hungry and sick. you can save the most vulnerable girls and boys every month. the food and medicine we need to save thousands of lives is ready to go, just waiting for you to give it wings. please help fill a child's tummy with food and their heart with hope. call or go to today.
8:42 am
>> announcer: it's hard to believe these jagged, rusted sheets of metal are home to a family of four. yet, benita lives here with her three children -- maximiliano, brenda, and martina. seven years ago, the children's father left to find work and never returned. life has been unbearably cruel ever since. the family makes do in this cramped, rodent-infested space, dirt floor, holes in the walls, and a leaking roof. max, as the oldest child, has to be brave and strong. he's only 10, but he's the man of the house. there's no door and lock to keep them safe. so it's his job to watch over and protect his little sisters.
8:43 am
while his mother is gone during the day trying to earn a little money, max is in charge. it's a big responsibility for this young boy. benita desperately wants to give her children a better life, but almost everyone here is very poor and work is hard to come by. on a good day, neighbors let her do their laundry. it doesn't pay much, but it's better than nothing. many hours of this physically-grueling work may yield her 10 quetzales, about $1.50. >> [ speaking spanish ] >> interpreter: i have nothing for my children. i don't have anything to give them. i can't send them to school. i have nothing. >> announcer: they live above 8,000 feet, where nighttime
8:44 am
temperatures sometimes dip below freezing. every afternoon, a damp, icy fog creeps down from the mountains and into their home. >> [ coughs ] >> announcer: the children don't have shoes and only threadbare clothes that don't prote them from the bitter cold. it's no surprise they're gripped by fever and wracking coughs. >> [ coughing continues ] >> announcer: hunger compounds their suffering. the little food they eat is what they're able to beg for. like his sisters, max is malnourished and always sick. >> [ speaking spanish ] >> interpreter: the house gets very cold, and the water comes in. and the blanket gets wet, and i get wet. my head hurts. my throat hurts. my whole body hurts when it's cold. >> announcer: even though they're tired, sick, and haven't
8:45 am
eaten anything today, the children still need to make their regular 2-hour hike up the mountain to fetch water. as usual, max takes the lead. it's a long way, but he needs to stay focused and keep a sharp eye. there are poisonous snakes that thrive in this high valley. just one bite could be deadly because they can't afford the medicine to treat it. >> [ speaking spanish ] >> interpreter: when my sisters and i go up the mountain, there are snakes. i'm afraid, but i have to protect my sisters. >> announcer: max is never far away from brenda and martina. he even does his best to shield themrom the wind and cold... but there's not much he can do about their hunger and sickness. >> [ speaking spanish ]
8:46 am
>> interpreter: i want my sisters to go to school -- and me, too. i wish we could get help for food and to get a house. when my sisters are sick, my heart hurts, and i feel so sad. >> [ speaking spanish ] >> interpreter: many people here have seen their children die. i do not want this to happen to my children, but i'm so afraid they're going to die in front of me. i pray every day. i ask god for help, that somebody will help us, that he will help to get us out of this terrible poverty. >> announcer: abandoned, forsaken... with no one to help them, this struggling family cannot go on much longer. max is weak and crumbling under the heavy burden placed on his small shoulders. he and his sisters need food
8:47 am
now. and they need to know that someone cares, someone like you. >> these children are our neighbors, and they're barely hanging on. their moms are doing everything they can to provide, but in many of the places where food for the poor serves, there is no work, no way to get the food and medicine their children need to avoid a painful and tragic end. each day, they pray and wonder if there's anyone who can help them. you can be that someone. please call or go online now to become an angel of the poor today. >> announcer: right now, you have the power to save the lives of children who may die from starvation and disease. call now and become an angel of the poor for just $19 a month. you'll provide life-saving food
8:48 am
and medicines to rescue suffering children. food for the poor receives millions of dollars' worth of food, medicine, and other donated goods every month from major corporations and government agencies, but we need your help to ship and deliver this perishable, life-saving aid before it's too late. thanks to these donations, every dollar you give multiplies more than 10 times. that means your monthly gift of $19 will ship more than $190 worth of food and medicine each month to help bring relief to children who are suffering from starvation or disease. with so little, you can do so much to save lives. it's important that you call right now so we can get this food and medicine to children whose lives are at risk. >> every day that i don't reach out and help is another day that a child is literally going hungry.
8:49 am
>> the lord really put it on our heart that we -- we needed to do something, and food for the poor gave us that opportunity to do that. >> i just want to make a difference, yoknow? and not just say it, but do it. >> you will mediately feel so much satisfaction that you just want to do more and more and more. >> announcer: as an angel the poor, every month, you'll receive stories of the children your donations are helping. you'll also receive food for the poor newsletters. we invite you to join us in praying for these children, and you can also send us your prayer requests, and we will pray for you. you can be confident that your dollars will be used wisely. food for the poor has been saving lives and transforming communities for over 30 years and meets the highest standards of america's leading charity evaluators. more than 95% of all donations go directly to programs that help the poor.
8:50 am
>> for a lot of my friends and my peers, we're very interested in knowing that our dollars are doing what they're supposed to, and because i feel comfortable with that, i feel comfortable endorsing them to others. >> there's an immediacy in seeing the kind of results that they have, how they spend their monies, and the fact that they've been there long-term and they've been there >> announcer: call right now to help bring the miracle of food and medicine to children in need before it's too late. children are waiting for your help today. please, call now. >> when jesus told his disciples, "give to the poor, and you shall have treasure in heaven," he could have been talking about these children. they're fighting to survive in some of the world's most hopeless places. every day, they become more malnourished. they need hope and a chance to thrive.
8:51 am
>> announcer: last night, pierana went to bed hungry again. today, she wakes up tired and weak...hoping she might get a little food. her mother, adelene, is struggling to care for pierana and her sister, valinda. her husband died in the haiti earthquake that killed 250,000 people, and they lost everything. now this widow is all alone, with no income and a heart filled with despair. adelene did what she could to put a roof over their heads. they share this makeshift structure with another poor family. it's built with palm fronds and scraps of wood and metal. she and the girls sleep in one room with a dirt floor and no
8:52 am
door to protect them. when the heavy rains come, the house is destroyed by floodwaters. adelene had to help rebuild it twice last year. a psalm is scrawled on the wall -- "the lord will keep you from all harm." her biggest worry is finding food. every day, she anguishes about how she can feed her children. >> [ speaking native language ] >> interpreter: one time a day, we find some food. that's how things happen. i give them a little something, and that's it. there are some days when, in the morning and in the evening, we don't find anything. there's times when many days will pass, and i have nothing to cook, no food to make -- everything's empty. >> announcer: pierana is
8:53 am
7 years old, but she is drastically underweight. her body is emaciated from chronic malnutrition. she never smiles. she and her sister have constant coughs and high fevers. all adelene can do is give them a cold bath to temporarily ease their suffering. they have diarrhea almost every day, a symptom of deadly parasites from the contaminated water they drink. >> [ speaking native language ] >> interpreter: the children start to have fever, diarrhea. they vomit. they are sick. they can't speak. their eyes roll up. and when they're in that condition, what can i do? i'm very sad. i pray. i cry. i cry. >> announcer: life has beaten
8:54 am
this mother down. she can't cope. there's no money for food or medicine or a safe house for her children. she has lost the ability to dream, to think beyond this crisis that is crushing her family. she's numb from the fear that never leaves, fear that her precious daughter might not survive. >> [ speaking native language ] >> interpreter: what scares me the most is when sickness comes and someone dies. that's what gives me the most fear -- sickness, death. so i always try to give my daughter hope, because i know you always have hope in god. >> announcer: today, adelene got lucky. she's found a little work. a neighbor has asked her to watch over their small bread stand while they go into town. she won't be paid any money, but if she does well, she'll be able
8:55 am
to keep a little bread to take home. [ insects chirping ] while her mother works late into the night, pierana stays home to look after her little sister. it's lonely and scary, but she patiently waits in hopes they might get something to eat. finally, adelene returns home. business was slow today, so all she was allowed to have was one small loaf of bread. it's not much, but it's better than nothing. somehow, they made it through another day. tonight, like so many nights, pierana goes to bed hungry and sick. all she can do is dream that tomorrow will be better. you can help save a child like pierana. your compassion, your love can
8:56 am
help her dream come true. >> these mothers and children feel forgotten by the world, like they don't matter and nobody cares. please show them they do matter. show them you care. your call now will help hurting children escape the darkness that surrounds them and bring real hope into their lives. when you become an angel of the poor, you'll be an answer to prayer, an unbelievable blessing. so, please, call now. >> ¿cinco años? my children and grandchildren would stand in front of a refrigerator that is full of food and say, "we have nothing to eat." when we see children who truly have nothing, who have no furniture in their little hut, who have no food and no water, those are the ones who truly have nothing, and that nothingness does not just cause
8:57 am
a mild discomfort -- that nothingness causes illness and death. >> in a country like guatemala, 75% of the population lives in poverty, and half of children under 5 are so malnourished, their growth is stunted by hunger. these children are not asking for much -- a little rice and beans, basic medicine -- simple things that can make the difference between life and death. lifesaving food and medicines are waiting to be shipped and delivered, and that's where you can help. thanks to donated goods, your monthly gifts will multiply 10 times right now. it's a miracle waiting to happen. so don't hesitate. call now and become an angel of the poor. your support will be a godsend to waiting children. >> [ crying ] >> announcer: 3-year-old
8:58 am
christina and 9-year-old johana didn't eat anything yesterday, and there's a good chance they won't eat anything today. johana does her best to comfort her little sister, but she is hurting, too. the girls live with their mother and three siblings in a dilapidated mud house. two years ago, the father was killed in a work accident, plunging this family into even deeper despair. their mom does everything she can -- washing clothes, gathering firewood, and scavenging at the city dump. but she earns practically nothing, and her children need her at home. it's a heartbreaking dilemma. there isn't a scrap of food anywhere in the house, so this
8:59 am
family has to face yet another day of hunger as best they can. >> [ whimpering ] >> announcer: today's only meal is a cup of boiled water and a little salt -- that's it. >> [ crying ] >> [ speaking spanish ] >> interpreter: i can't take care of my children alone. i want to, but i have no way to get enough money to meet all their needs. ever since their daddy died, there's nothing to eat. they cry, but what can i do? >> [ sniffles ] [ speaking spanish ] >> interpreter: the boiled water little bit. fills them up a i know it's not enough, but many days, that's all i can give them.

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